Goings On

I have been painting, slowly on a painting of horses I saw up on the mesa. I think it might turn out quite nice, if I don’t mess it up at this point.

What I have been working diligently on is building up my website with a lot of the art work I have done in my life, separating it into categories, organizing files, resizing images (I just learned about optimization, but I don’t know if I actually got it right yet). I think it all re-started when I posted about cowboy paintings. I also re-added my old domain name to the site, so I have two names that go to the same place.

It seemed like a good time to show you a doll that recently introduced himself to me as I was making him. Originally, I thought a sweet Waldorf type doll would be nice, but this doll took on his own personality as we worked along. I discovered a new way to make a nose, and he wanted to be mostly bald with a mustache. The clothes were like a simple woodsman or something. I was liking him. Everything is of soft fabrics – flannels, fleece and fuzzies, and a little yarn.

Then I asked my young grandson to name him, and he immediately announced his name to be “Judah”. Interesting and surprising, but he was certain of his choice. Well, I thought if his name is Judah, he needs a little cap and prayer shawl, which I learned are called yarmulke and tallit, ( I hope I got that right, sometimes I am not accurate in my searches).

Judah’s personality wanted to be, so here he is.


I really like this doll, and added him to my other dolls in the guest room, just for fun.

Also still working on the Book of Acts, but haven’t illustrated the pages for chapter 7 yet. That is a project that is calling as well.

Nice to visit with you.