Garden Greens with Tomatoes

Whoah. This one was challenging for me. I had to redraw three times, paint twice – and alas, came out from the place of having to get every little crinkle and wrinkle in the lettuce. It was just finished today. I get excited to finish.

Yet, I am satisfied now, that it is the best I can do for the time being. What a joy to paint things you grew in your own garden.

“Garden Greens with Tomatoes” – 20″x 10″ – Oil – ©2022

This painting was painted over another painting of a Bible verse from Revelation, so there is the secret prayer under the food… “Even So, Come Lord Jesus”.

Then, while composing this post, I remembered that the “word of the month” for posting is “green”, and that worked out pretty well.

Time to get out another canvas. It’s nice to be on a roll.