Chubby Bunnies

Sometimes it is fun to play. Sewing dolls and stuffed toys is always fun for me, and they turn out much better than when I attempt to sew clothes for myself.

Chubby Bunnies with Raggedy Andy and Marcia Wanda

This rabbit pattern is maybe 30 some years old, and it is the first time I made the bunnies. The Raggedy Andy pattern I have had for many years as well.

I made a rabbit for my grandson and one for his friend, but these pictured are for me, keeping my daughter’s Marcia Wanda Cabbage Patch doll company on the guest room bed.

They are all made out of fabrics I already had from projects over the years. Never throw away any scraps, always keep embroidery needles on hand.

Now I am back to working on the book of my study of 1 John, in the Garden of God, and an oil painting of little Mario.

The quilt is made of pieces from our wedding clothes, tapestry from furniture remnants, embroidered by my daughter and I.