It is delightful to have paintings setting on a counter, to see the bounty from the garden preserved in a beautiful, lasting way that isn’t in a jar.

The jars are lovely, too, when they are filled with canned goods, fruits and other foods.

This past year, I put up some apples.

Add that to some wonderfully grain and seedy pie crust, you have a higher form of kitchen art:

The pie. Fresh out of the oven.

My grand boys are not here to eat it, but my husband and I will do a good job appreciating this art form. Although it would be fun if they were here, too. ❤

I’ve made pies most of my adult life, and used to have a flaky, buttery floury crust. Now it is made with oats, almond flour, sunflower seed, sesame seed, flax seed and other good things.

Indeed, a pie a day keeps the doctor away. And it makes the heart happy.

So many blessings. The Lord is good.