Jack stopped down for a bit on his familiar rock, knowing there was something there to eat. The hawks were nowhere around, so he ate in comfort.

The morning was foggy, yet bright enough, showing Jack in a softer, misty contrast.

The timing was of the Lord. I was happy to get a photo of Jack like this. It truly was a split second blessing.

I cleverly titled it “Jack Eating in the Fog”. It is the first time seeing a raven’s tongue, and it ready to catch the food he just brought up in his bill in mid-air.


I have begun a painting. More on that later.


I looked up while sitting at my kitchen counter eating apple pie. (It was very good pie.) The view from my slightly lowered vantage point through the kitchen window was awe inspiring to me, the greatness of the sky and monsoon clouds proudly declaring God’s glory.

It was lovely to see the tip-tops of the cosmos visible high as the window ledge…. with water drops still gracing their petals. Small flowers against such a vast sky, yet their presence is declared in pronounced joy.

There are times where they are scampering with bumble bees and butterflies.

Glory days, the ending of summer into autumn.

Then a morning seeing this sunflower, the last one braving the season’s changes. It too, being very small, with a very large proclamation. Keep seeking the Face of the Son.

Even when you seem to be in the dark spaces, keep your face toward the Son. His Grace is Sufficient.


Every once in a while I get a good photo that is not increased by painting it. This I think, is one of them.

Every year Jack and his wife Jill, have a new crew to raise, this year and last, they had 3. They work very, very hard from nesting to feed those fast growing babes – babes that quickly get to be the same size as they are.

Jack has immense pride in his offspring, showing them love and adoration, faithfully feeding and fathering his young.

There comes the time when they encourage and train the young ravens, first in flight, in awareness, in feed and survival. Occasionally jumping out from the middle of the weaning children, he leads them into independence.

Please enjoy with me this moment I caught this morning.

It is also wonderful to note that Daddy and Mama are aware of their roles in life, and their faithfulness to each other and their young.

“Proud and Faithful Father” – Photograph – ©2022 Bohlender