I once was given flowers in a clear pink vase. The flowers were miniature irises and lilies. So beautiful. The flowers faded, but the vase remains to this day. I seldom have cut flowers, but sometimes I’ll go outside and take whatever is there into the house. I brought something in one day, and sat the vase on the counter by the tomatoes from the garden. The morning sun shined in just so, illuminating the beautiful vase.

“Reflections” – 12″x 16″ – Oil ©2023

The shiny natural granite counter top caught that sun, reflecting the vase and tomatoes just so wonderfully. I love the reflected light that bounces onto the counter and warms the wall.

This painting brought out several reds: alizarin crimson, cadmium red medium, cadmium scarlet, and a surprise of a color that is as exciting as it is new to me – called “Opera”. Holbein makes delightful oil colors, but this one literally sings in high c, and carries its own light. (It is also made into watercolor.)

The whites – zinc white, titanium white, Gamblin radiant white, Rublev Barite white… a delicious enhancer of other whites and colors.

The vase is painted in “Opera”. Ouu that is an exciting color. I once used the watercolor as an “aura” around some people having fun in the water. It sparked the joy into the painting. I wish I had taken a photo of it.

Another thing that attracted me to paint this was the hard and angled lines. What contrast to the roundness of the vase and tomatoes. Geometric shapes. This might make a good abstract as well. Hmmm. I think I will.

I love getting to see light.


It is delightful to have paintings setting on a counter, to see the bounty from the garden preserved in a beautiful, lasting way that isn’t in a jar.

The jars are lovely, too, when they are filled with canned goods, fruits and other foods.

This past year, I put up some apples.

Add that to some wonderfully grain and seedy pie crust, you have a higher form of kitchen art:

The pie. Fresh out of the oven.

My grand boys are not here to eat it, but my husband and I will do a good job appreciating this art form. Although it would be fun if they were here, too. ❤

I’ve made pies most of my adult life, and used to have a flaky, buttery floury crust. Now it is made with oats, almond flour, sunflower seed, sesame seed, flax seed and other good things.

Indeed, a pie a day keeps the doctor away. And it makes the heart happy.

So many blessings. The Lord is good.