I love when the lavender and echinacea bloom.

The butterflies and bees find it quickly, and work all day. Sometimes the bees sleep in clusters on the flower stalks at night. There is so much life and beauty then.

Out of all the flowers I plant for pollinators, these draw the most, except for maybe the sunflowers. Zinnias do pretty well also.

This painting I just finished is from a bouquet I photographed on my kitchen counter last year. I loved the light.

“Still Life with Lavender and Echinacea” – 11″ x14″ – Oil ©2023

This year’s lavender is just putting out new shoots, and the echinacea leaves are filling in, ready to begin putting out flower stems.

There is so much beauty. I love considering the mind of the Lord in the beauty of His Creating. Praise Him.


I looked up while sitting at my kitchen counter eating apple pie. (It was very good pie.) The view from my slightly lowered vantage point through the kitchen window was awe inspiring to me, the greatness of the sky and monsoon clouds proudly declaring God’s glory.

It was lovely to see the tip-tops of the cosmos visible high as the window ledge…. with water drops still gracing their petals. Small flowers against such a vast sky, yet their presence is declared in pronounced joy.

There are times where they are scampering with bumble bees and butterflies.

Glory days, the ending of summer into autumn.

Then a morning seeing this sunflower, the last one braving the season’s changes. It too, being very small, with a very large proclamation. Keep seeking the Face of the Son.

Even when you seem to be in the dark spaces, keep your face toward the Son. His Grace is Sufficient.