I love when the lavender and echinacea bloom.

The butterflies and bees find it quickly, and work all day. Sometimes the bees sleep in clusters on the flower stalks at night. There is so much life and beauty then.

Out of all the flowers I plant for pollinators, these draw the most, except for maybe the sunflowers. Zinnias do pretty well also.

This painting I just finished is from a bouquet I photographed on my kitchen counter last year. I loved the light.

“Still Life with Lavender and Echinacea” – 11″ x14″ – Oil ©2023

This year’s lavender is just putting out new shoots, and the echinacea leaves are filling in, ready to begin putting out flower stems.

There is so much beauty. I love considering the mind of the Lord in the beauty of His Creating. Praise Him.


This is 4th in an annual series I paint of our grandson and his friend. This year, little brother got to be there too!

I derived the painting from their mama’s photos. This was a happy painting to do. When I do get to see them, it is wonderful to go on walks and to parks. It is always an adventure.

It was lovely to witness that place we get to go into only as children, the world they experience for that moment of sunshine and friendship.

I pray I get to follow them growing for many more years.

“A World of Their Own” – 14″x 18″ – Oil – ©2023

I thought of the verse about unless we become as little children, we do not see the Kingdom of God… such a place of clear sight and heart.


It is delightful to have paintings setting on a counter, to see the bounty from the garden preserved in a beautiful, lasting way that isn’t in a jar.

The jars are lovely, too, when they are filled with canned goods, fruits and other foods.

This past year, I put up some apples.

Add that to some wonderfully grain and seedy pie crust, you have a higher form of kitchen art:

The pie. Fresh out of the oven.

My grand boys are not here to eat it, but my husband and I will do a good job appreciating this art form. Although it would be fun if they were here, too. ❤

I’ve made pies most of my adult life, and used to have a flaky, buttery floury crust. Now it is made with oats, almond flour, sunflower seed, sesame seed, flax seed and other good things.

Indeed, a pie a day keeps the doctor away. And it makes the heart happy.

So many blessings. The Lord is good.


The Story of the Early Church in Acts

67 AD

I’m living dangerously showing a book I haven’t seen yet. Inevitably I find another typo or something lost while digitally transferring, or just something. However, you can be assured any errors are my own, and all are unintentional, Praise the Lord.

After about a year and a half, here it is. Lots of work and separate studies went into this study of the Book of Acts. Amazing, really, what you find when you think about the translations and then seek to illustrate. After awhile, in some of the time periods, I got a little tired of angry people stirring up mobs or seeking to get Paul right up to the time he gets on the ship to Rome in chains, with Roman guard.

It was interesting though to learn about Judaan tradition, Roman military, (both, I believe, spurring the growth of the church) and especially the coming of the Holy Spirit into His ecclesia and the growth of the early church.

There is a full acknowledgement page of the many resources I used. I thank you all for those.

It is expensive to buy, partly because of the 8″ x 10″ crop size, over 250 pages, and full color.

I decided to publish only with Barnes and Noble this time. I might change my mind later, but I always loved Barnes and Noble.

Having begun this series after Acts ended, I’m now returning to the story in Acts in this book, and then on to study the letters he wrote during that stretch of time and circumstances… Galatians first.


It was in 2015 when I went to see New York City with my daughter, one of the highlights of my life really. We saw Lady Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, and the 9-11 Memorial and Museum, with her.

There was still scaffolding around some of the buildings, evidence of work still being done 14 years after the horrific attack on our Nation. There were stems of roses and little flags inserted into the engraved names of people remembered. There were people there who did remember, and were there holding their hand over the name of a loved one, or leaning over tracing their name with their fingers.

It was a solemn place. There was respect. We all remembered.

I just finished this painting today, in 2023 from a photo I took while there. There were more people there that day, but I think the ones in the painting represent them all.

“At the 9-11 Memorial” – 20″x 20″- Oil ©2023 Bohlender

God bless our America. Love her and keep her. Bring her to love You.

“Never Forget”.

So now I have painted Lady Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and our beautiful 9-11 Memorial. It is a treasured series.