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When I began this study – derived from multiple versions and resources listed in the books themselves), it was to spend a little time in God’s Word and learn what He said for myself. There were two brothers who effectively proved to me that I did not know anything. They were right, and I think God used them to steer me. I dedicate this verse to them:

“Is not My word like fire?” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer which shatters a rock?” – Jeremiah 23:29 (thank you again, biblehub). So thank you, D.G. and J.B. (from the NASB)

I never, ever dreamed that I would get beyond the first few verses, as I am not the studious type, nor normally focused or consistent. That is part of what I know as “Christ in me…”

So what do I do? I begin by reading the concordant sublinear Greek text, seeing what it says, then comparing it with at least ten other versions, usually more if I am having difficulty either seeing what it saying or understanding it, then write it as close to being literal and I am able, which, compared to literal versions is not real close. I love the guidance of the Spirit, it is a vital guidance. After writing it down the way that seems clear to me, I rewrite it, editing as I go. Then I study it, usually resting, reading and tasting the Word, and seeing what might be the most outstanding portion, I await the imagery. Once I have an image, I draw it and write the verses in with pencil, then paint and ink the page. After all the pages are completed, I photograph all the pages, edit the photos as best I can, add page numbers and clean them up a tad on photoshop, then put them into a book form. Meanwhile, I type the pages of chapters and verses as well, and include those in the back of the book.

I am supposing the most “controversial” translation would be the Greek word “aionion”. There was much dispute in many versions and understandings, so I used the Greek word itself. Some say it is “age-during”, some say “eternal”. Some places say ages, ages of the ages, etc. I will not dispute, but I did put down what it said.

Each page in the book is hand written, because of the time spent in it is wonderful. Also, each page is illustrated by hand, using first pencil, then Golden Acrylic paints, most are the iridescent type.

Since I do my own editing, photographing, layouts and publishing, covers. Any errors are mine. And, I copyright everything to protect against someone publishing without permission, as posters have been printed in Asia of my art that I didn’t know anything about. 



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