A Tale of Art and Time

Hardcover and Paperback Versions now available at Barnes and Noble links above. 274 Pages, full color.

This book was written because my friend Junior was dying soon, and I wanted to give him a gift. He was the one who showed me the cowboys, taught me what it is they do and how to respond around cattle, horses and humans. The book is dedicated to him, and my children, my husband, and in gratitude to my Lord Jesus.

Although I lost years of work through having no camera, or bad photography, and other reasons, this is an extensive collection of my work, stretching over a period of 50 years. I couldn’t remember all the sizes or titles, but the work speaks for itself, even if the photographs in some cases are older or not real perfect.

It is an investment of just over $53. but is worth it if you have some of my work or like contemporary artists’ work.

There are some personal explanations, experiences and comments involved with the paintings included.