Every year, during graduation times at the public schools, I hear or see parents who are supporting their child’s “new beginnings”, while beginning the realization of “they are leaving home.” No one would have it otherwise, I suppose.

I remember a woman telling me to be grateful that they had a reason to leave, as their son was 25 and still living at home – with no real desire to change his position in life.

Empty nesting for me was a time of tearing and huge adjustments. I missed them. And I had to redefine who I was, learn again who was this man that I had married years ago and forgot some in the busy-ness of giving those kids all I had to give, while he did the same in the work world.

It is a crisis time for some. But there is still that Rock, that Order of things. He graced me to stay and see that the best is yet to come, even if things never would be the same.

“The Empty Nester” – 24″ x 48″ – Oil ¬©Bohlender

This painting, “The Empty Nester” was painted during that time. It captured the empty arms, the empty time and purpose. That empty womb feeling (that would only be relieved when grandchildren came…) .

I had entered this painting in an art show at Tohono Chul in Tucson. It sold to someone who understood that feeling, I supposed. I did not get to meet the buyer.

I did get to talk to others during that show, and another woman asked if I really felt that way?! She said she was so relieved for hers to be out on their own. She laughed, and was purely delighted when hers left. So I supposed there are ranges of experience in what people have labeled “the empty nest syndrome.”

I pray for mamas. God gave us the most important of jobs, the highest position in all of the universe. We raise the future generations… and hopefully, through us the Lord imparts Himself and the knowledge of Him and His ways.

“The sufferings of this present time aren’t worthy to be compared to the glory…” The Lord is good.

Below, another painting I did in response to the agonies of the fact that many children are missing and abused, after learning about Our Underground Railroad and other rescuing missions. It was a prayer for the mothers in America to love her children. The children are given by God, not the “state”… not to be sold or … oh God, have mercy on the children.

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