I love when a book writes itself. This one is like that, it was written in Peace.

There are three other Floppysocks books, written toward children, but the adults reading them enjoyed them also. The Floppysocks at Home is for adults, but children might like it too.

The HARDCOVER and softcover are available at This softcover is available at, if you type in my name it will come up pretty quickly.

The Floppysocks at Home has 111 pages, full color, proofread as well as I could do. There are many Bible verses, rich and delightful.

Along with this story, I’ve been working on a study of Acts (now on chapter 14), and really want to paint two paintings that will happen…. when they do. I want to use gold leaf, along with the oil paints.

If you are interested, do check out this book at or amazon. If you feel moved to after reading and spending time in this book, please leave a review!