A few years ago I had the opportunity to be on Liberty Island, and see our Lady Liberty.

She is beautiful, representing our American Spirit and the principle of Freedom that we are founded upon.

She stands, silently shouting the gift of America.

In these trying times, we pray to the One Who is the Author of Freedom, to Hope in Him for His continued Grace for our America’s existence.

Lately I have been feeling an immense gratitude and recognition of the gifts we have been blessed with in America. The gift of Freedom to live under our God, the abundance of so much, the air and freedom to govern ourselves. The opportunity to live free.

All were exiles, all wretched, all were poor, given a chance to live in Freedom. There stands this “mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning”… and even she who represents such strength, can only stand by the Grace of God alone.

“Liberty” – 13″ x 18″ – Watercolor ©2021

In God We Trust. We are a Nation who depends on God.