A Little Watercolor

It was nice to slip into a little watercolor of a simple pear on a plate.  I was looking at  reflected light and color temperature changes, relaxing and enjoying the friendliness of the subject.


Stemless Pear – Watermedia

After “retiring” from the gallery experience, I went into a non-productive mode for a time, but I loved painting this for no other reason than that I enjoy it. And I love that my arm and fingers found their “itch” to work again.

A few ideas have been floating through my mind, maybe embroidering on a watercolor, or gold leaf. Who knows where the wind blows?

There is a wonderful lady on fb from New Zealand who makes books by hand. She makes adorable and fun videos about books or people involved in the making of them, including herself. She had the idea to use old oil paintings as book covers. Although she painted over existing things, I liked that idea using paintings I have done here as they are…another idea to see where it may lead.

Recently I witnessed preying mantises hatching out of their casing, managing to get some reasonable photos of it happening, and thought I might try a watercolor of something of that experience as well.

Have a lovely day.


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