Plenty of Time

Somewhere in me was a constant drive, a spurring to do more, to accomplish as much as I could because time was running out. After mid-life, comes the acceptance of the loss of youth and the real-ization of coming toward death… getting older, finishing rather than beginning… the fear of maybe not having done what we have been put here for. Maybe touching something, but not quite holding it.


“Beholding Yet Not Yet Becoming” – Mixed Media

It was a breath-taking struggle, a hard thing to accept until one day… one evening laying in bed talking to my husband, I was telling him I needed to do * anything *  or * everything * or * something * quickly because I was running out of time.

He reminded me that we had plenty of time. At that moment, Grace gifted me with the remembrance of where we come from and where we are going.

There is this certain Hope…. Expectation… an Inheritance of Life, everlasting Life in the heavens reserved for us in Jesus.

It occurred to me, I saw, that we have plenty of time… it will never run out. My priorities shifted to another Realm.


Retreat – 48″x 36″ – Oil Painted after being with sisters for a week in a Florida retreat. I cannot remember the name of the place.


On this earth, we do not have endless time, yet there is peace in knowing that we were chosen before the world began… our lives, thoughts, activities. We are known, and planned.  I think we are and do what God has intended. We will die, or sleep. Yet our God has everything in hand toward His purpose. And we will awaken to this Life. We do not end.


Sunset – 18″ x 14″ – Oil – This painting is in a private collection in Denmark.

Here we are planted, and we rise to the Son. We might have a lot coming up, and it will be under our King. Of His Kingdom, there will be no end.


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